Toners & Tools

Toners & Metallic Pigments

Dyes used for Microcements, Marmorinos & Stucco.

VOC-free pigment paste, based on inorganic and organic coated pigments (resistant to alkalinity).They can be mixed together to obtain new colours.

Silver Perlescente, silver aluminium, gold and bronze pigments also available which can be added to wax and gloss sealers.

Packaging 250grs standard   

If you would like more information regarding colours available please get in touch and we will be more than happy to forward you a colour chart.                           



We are stockists of –

  • Co-me trowels/tools
  • Mirka Sanding discs 
  • Tesa Tapes

We also supply a range of decorative tools such as rollers, cor-du-roy tools and wood graining rubbers etc.

For more information on CO-ME trowels/tools, tesa tapes and Mirka sanding discs available and sizes/ prices please email or call.

For lists of decorative tools and price lists please email or call.

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