Classic Venetian Plaster

Packaging: 5KG & 10 KG. It comes in thixotropic paste; stir before use.

Mineral finish for indoor use, in order to produce decorative plasterwork that is shiny and marble-like. It presents good plasticity and transparencies.

Suggested Applications: the embellishment of walls and ceilings some of the product’s magnificent properties include the following: it is highly permeable with regard to water vapour, it is antistatic, flame resistant and ages well.

Substrates must be clean, dry, well-cohered, and free of any sort of contaminants that might impair the adherence of their specific bases.

Bases: Quartz primer (grit present) for this plaster; can be diluted with 7-10% water.

Application tools: stainless steel trowel and stainless steel spatula.

Cleaning of tools: water

Density: 1.65.

Dilution of plaster, use water, when necessary

 5 kg of Classic Venetian Plaster requires one 250 gram Toner, in order to obtain gradient colors (lower intensity), just add less Toner. All toners may be mixed among themselves to obtain other colors.  Stir with electric mixer.

Protection and/or glazing: Cera per Stucco 


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